Creative Meeting - Atlanta, GA March 8, 2011

I love road trips! And it's a good thing because at the drop of a hat Ken may call and say, "How about running on over to the house and let's meet." To be interpreted is, "Can you jump in the car and drive 6 hours right quick? Devon will feed you delicious taco salad if you can." Or like last week when he said, "Can you meet me in Atlanta either Monday or Tuesday?" My response is always the same, "Absolutely! My schedule is yours. You tell  me where and when and I'll be there." I never saw myself in the movie production business but I find that I'm energized by each step of the process thus far. Quite intriguing...

So I called my faithful partner in crime, Di Easler and we loaded up and headed south on Tuesday, March 8th, arriving at Maggiano's in Atlanta for lunch around 1:30. Later I met with Ken and the screenwriters and we tweaked the soon to be completed Draft 2 of the script. We met through the evening and into the night, breaking up around 11:00p.m. Again, God was gracious to allow us to share the same heart for the story, with like desires for the message that we intend to communicate.

I'm not pacing the floors, I'm not biting my nails, I'm not wringing my hands, I'm not even twirling my hair - but I am anxiously awaiting a completed script!