Production Meeting - February 24, 2011

As we anxiously await the second draft of the script, Ken moves forward in seeking other producers in his field that can assist in the filmmaking process. Ken is forever the teacher and quite patient with me. He explained the need for assistant producers in several areas, and my eyes opened wide to the reality that one man can't possibly pull this off on his own. Ken arranged for a meeting at his home in Franklin, TN with two other Christian filmmakers who were to be in Nashville on other business, and summoned me to join them. I packed up, summoned by faithful assistant and driver, Di Easler to go along, and we traveled to Nashville on Thursday, February 24th.

That evening we had dinner with Ken and his lovely family (I love Devon and those nine kiddos!), along with the two producers and one actor/producer. All three gentlemen are solid in their faith and are quite interested in Hannah's story. We ask you to pray for wisdom and discernment, direction, and confirmation as we move forward.

Things are happening!