Ken & Cole attend Christmas Board Meeting

On December 3, 2010 we had our annual Christmas Board Meeting. Ken and his oldest son, Cole were able to be with us and share where we are in the developmental phase of the film. He shared the following...

The script is coming together quickly, with the story being told from Jacob Robinson’s perspective. His perspective provides for an interesting story of conflict, both within and without. Since hearing from the screenwriter and Ken the importance of conflict in a good story, I find myself pinpointing conflict in all the movies that I watch. Sure enough – they’re on it! I should have a 3 – 4 page treatment (summary) of the script by the end of this week which I will compile with excerpts from the Executive Summary to create the marketing material to present to potential donors.

Our aggressive timeline is to have the $2m by March 15th, with September 15th being the target date to begin shooting the film. If our efforts in raising contributions do not provide the $2m by early to mid January, we will then solicit investments with a deadline of February 15. If at that time we are still short of our $2m goal, we will then seek financial support from production companies and/or contract with a professional fundraising agency.

Raising money has never been my "thing" - but God is the Master of getting us out of our box and showing us new "things"! Many prayers needed for this endeavor!