Interviews with Erin and Jacob a must!

After 24 hours of processing and 25+ pages of single-spaced typed notes, the screenwriter asked to meet Hannah’s friends, specifically Erin McAbee and Jacob Robinson.

She asked to meet Jacob in the immediate future, so Jacob flew from Texas A&M in College Station, TX to Atlanta, GA on Monday, November 29th. She was very interested in Jacob’s perspective, a “stranger to Spartanburg” who as he and his family visited Dorman High School in preparation for relocation to our area, “happened upon” Hannah. As the Robinsons walked down the hall, Hannah “just happened” to walk out of a classroom, in jeans and a sweatshirt – not at all prepared to be the face of Dorman High School. I assure you had she known, she would have had on “skinny jeans”, a sweater and stilts for high heel shoes, regardless of how uncomfortable that may have been touring the halls of Dorman University. The Asst. Principal immediately stopped Hannah and asked if she would do the honors of taking the Robinsons on a tour of Dorman. Hannah being the “Miss Thang” that she was, a leader, a fluent speaker, a confident representative of anything she was involved in, rose to the challenge. From there Hannah and Jacob became friends, and Hannah worked to save Jacob’s academic life in more than one subject on more than one occasion. And a year later when Hannah was fighting for her physical life on a ventilator in Houston, TX, Jacob returned the favor. Their hearts were knit together, not romantically – but out of a pure love for the Lord and for each other.

Erin traveled from Sanford University in Birmingham, AL to meet with the screenwriter, her husband, and Ken. Erin provides the perspective of the best friend that Hannah had from childhood – a friend who Hannah wanted with her “above everyone else.” It was Erin who Hannah locked eye contact with as she rode up the escalator to board a plane that would fly her to the largest cancer center in the nation, looking passed her uncle and aunt, her cousin, her grandparents and her two younger brothers. As we all waved and held back tears, it was Erin that Hannah never took her eyes off of. It was Erin who would sit on the bed with Hannah’s head resting on her lap, waiting patiently as Hannah slept off the nausea. It was Erin that could get a giggle out of Hannah when there was really nothing to giggle about. It was Erin that served Hannah beautifully as only a best friend can do.

We can’t wait to see how the Lord will use both of these friends in the retelling of Hannah’s story.