I have Hope Pin 
Would you like someone to pray for you?
This pin is being worn by caregivers who are available to say a prayer for or with you.
Just ask.

TO CAREGIVERS: Got Hope? Willing to share it?

The I Have Hope pins and cards are now available in the Spartanburg Regional Gibbs Cancer Center Media Room on the 1st floor.

Perhaps you, like many caregivers have great hope in Jesus Christ. However, because of the professional relationship with the patient, you may feel limited in your freedom to share your faith. What if, however, you wore a pin that identified you to your patients and family members as being willing and open for a prayer of encouragement? What a blessing it would be for a frightened patient being transported to X-ray or surgery to look up and see a staff member wearing a pin that indicates they are willing to pray for/with them! What an amazing gift it would be to allow an anxious family member sitting in the waiting room in the dark of night the ability to reach out to a willing prayerful believer. What an opportunity to minister to patients and family members!

If you’d like to really make a difference in your patients’ lives as well as your own, follow the directions below:
1. Wear the pin.
2. If you are asked by someone for a moment of prayer, pray as you feel most comfortable…a brief sentence or two, something more formal such as the Lord’s Prayer, or simply offer to place them on your daily prayer list.
3. If you are asked by someone who wants to know more about your faith and where your hope lies share one of the I Have Hope cards.
4. If more in-depth spiritual ministering is requested, ask the hospital chaplain to get involved.

For pins and cards, visit Gibbs Cancer Center Media Center or you may contact us by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .