Available for Speaking Engagements

The Sobeski FamilyHannah Sobeski’s family and her community watched the Lord use her life to write a beautiful story of hope during her 6 month battle with cancer. Because her testimony of faith and unwavering hope in Jesus Christ were so compelling, Hannah’s Hope Ministries was formed to perpetuate her legacy of faith. The vision of Hannah’s Hope Ministries is to provide hope to individuals and families in life crisis, whether that life crisis is cancer, divorce, addiction, or simply the challenge of a young person living in today’s culture.

God continues to open doors for opportunities to share Hannah's Hope. We are available to speak to church groups, youth groups, men's and/or ladies groups, medical conferences, children's shelters, prisons, etc. Simply check our calendar under Schedule and then send a request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Thank you in advance for an opportunity to tell the story that God has written through Hannah's journey.

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