From Duane Curlee in Edna, TX

Habakkuk 3:19
The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to tread on the heights.
We are still in the midst of Judgement House at First Baptist Church Edna, and it has been a very emotional week to say the least.  Our story of Hannah Sobeski and her struggle with cancer is so touching and heart wrenching to see and be a part of especially after meeting and visiting with Hannah's mom Debbie Sobeski.  I was made to question my faith as so many have and to feel the strength of my faith increasing daily.  You see walking by sight is easy, but truly walking by faith is a different story!  Hannah and her family did just that, they walked strictly by faith even when what was in sight terrified them, they stayed strong in their faith.  I messaged Hannah's Aunt Hope today on Face Book and she responded with words of thanks and encouragement for sharing Hannah's story, she left a footnote with this verse.  Not knowing being familiar with it I studied it and quickly understood her using this particular verse.  All of our strength comes from the LORD our GOD he allows us to go through things with him that we could never go through alone. Feet like a deer does not imply happily prancing around as it first appears, but the strength to go where it is we do not want to go and the ability to walk a difficult path.  Treading on the heights is not high points in life yet difficult and challenging places, places we would not want to go unless we had to.  There are times we have to go to these places, but we do not have to go alone GOD goes with us.  Whatever it is GOD puts in our path is not for our destruction as it may sometimes seem, but for our good and the good of others.  This can be hard to understand especially in a situation such as the Sobeski's encountered, but Hannah lives on in HEAVEN and in the hearts of all of those she has touched and continues to touch.  If we could see the whole puzzle we would understand, but we must have FAITH in GOD that each little piece of the puzzle he lays before us is making for a beautiful finale. Lets try to remember that if GOD leads us to it he will lead us through it.

To all of those affected by this horrible disease which is pretty much everyone; keep your faith, stay strong in the LORD and know that even though we don't understand now something good comes from the worst situations.




I just wanted you all to know what a touching, beautiful life Hannah lived. (As if y'all didn't know that!